Peter Marcus
May 23, 2017
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With Manchester, We Stand United

Today we all stand united, as a country and a people, against the hate which has killed so many innocent people in Manchester. It can be hard for normal people, people like you and me, to comprehend what could possibly lead someone to do something so horrendous.

It is worth remembering though that he was just one man. And there is something much, much stronger than the individual - the collective.

Think about the people who, in the face of danger, took to the streets with tea and water. Think about the people who opened their doors to strangers for a sit down, a phone charger and a phone. Think about the taxi drivers who took people home for free when trains had been cancelled. Think about the hotels which opened their rooms to those who needed a place for the night and something to eat and drink. Think about the staff of the Holiday Inn who cared for over 50 young people without adults.

Those are the people that we must all be proud of.

The people of Britain have shown time and time again that terrorists will not beat down their morale and resolve. They could not in the past, and they will not today.

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