Peter Marcus
December 29, 2018
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The 2019 New Year Honours

Yesterday saw the release of the New Year Honours List for 2019. In it are the names of 1,148 people who represent the best of Britain; people who deserve to be recognised for the things they've done for their community and the country. When the Honours Lists are released I do three things:
  1. Look for any names I recognise.
  2. Look for the word 'Scout' in the citations.
  3. Look at how amazing people from Hampshire are.
There are names on the list we all recognise; Michael Palin, Twiggy, Philip Pullman. Even I've heard of England's World Cup captain Gareth Southgate. National heroes Richard Stanton and John Volanthen are being awarded the George Medal for their work in rescuing the stranded Thai boys football team earlier in the year, while fellow divers Christopher Jewell and Jason Mallinson are getting the Queen's Gallantry Medal. But it is when we look deeper into the list we see the sheer breadth of amazing work being done in our communities every day. The NSPCC's Chief Advisor on Child Protection, Phillip Noyes, is getting an OBE, as is Save the Children's Rachel Pounds (Head of Operations, Emergency Health Unit). Charity volunteers are also well represented, with the likes of Professor Colin Moffat (Emergency Response Volunteer, British Red Cross) and Linda Stephen (Volunteer Counsellor, ChildLine) getting BEMs. The nation's educators are on the list as well. Hampshire's Nigel Duncan (Principal, Fareham College) is getting an OBE for services to further education, and - staying in Hampshire - Professor David Matin (Professor of Geography, University of Southampton) is receiving the same honour for services to geography and population studies. A number of school governors are on the list as is Elaine Wyllie, who founded The Daily Mile, who is receiving an MBE for services to the fitness of children. I always take joy in looking at those Scouts who have made the Honours List. Jennifer Mullan (Suffolk), Karen Jones (Herefordshire), and Rex Hallett (Middlesex) are just some of the many Scouts on the list this year, joining John Volanthen as part of the nation's celebration of what The Scouts are doing in communities all over the UK (and in John's case - the world). A true testament to Scouting's ability to create stronger futures is Chief Commissioner of England Alex Peace-Gadsby's OBE for services to entrepreneurship and the community. Every time I write this post I add a caveat on the Scout section, reminding us all that Scouts get up to all sorts and, like in Alex's case, often get honours for reasons completely unrelated to Scouting. I also take great delight in taking a look at the fire service list. This year I took extra delight in that as I saw two names that not only did I recognise, but two names of people I truly admire. The first of these is Andy Bowers (Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service), who I came across during my brother's #OneLadsChallenge. The service's own news article spoke about Andy being the national lead for the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) on command and control, and how he's really intelligent with two master's degrees (and he's working towards a PhD). I, however, know Andy as a firefighter who always wants what's best for the community he serves and who is keen to see the fire service play an active role in Hampshire. Secondly is Kevin Taylor, or Jasper (it took me about a year to work that one out). Jasper is a prolific fundraiser and pretty much everyone in the local area knows who he is. I want to give my heartfelt congratulations to everyone who's on the New Year Honours List 2019, and a thank you for everything it is you do.

Peter Marcus

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