Privacy Policy

The Peter Marcus Company may collect and process personal information. This information may be used for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:

  1. Enhance and personalise the way you interact with The Peter Marcus Company, The Peter Marcus Foundation, The Office of Peter Marcus, and Peter Marcus to provide you with a better experience;
  2. To better understand our customers and the people we work with, and how they interact with us (including how they interact with us digitally);
  3. To provide communications which we believe may be of benefit or interest to you;
  4. To determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and advertising.
  5. To identify and take steps to prevent fraud;
  6. To enhance the security of our networks and systems.

Whenever we process data for these or any other purpose we will ensure that we always keep your personal data and your rights relating to it in the highest regard, and that we take into account current legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will never sell, rent or pass on your personal data to anyone. However, some third parties that we link to might. We advise you to take a look at the privacy policy of each of the websites that you go to from any of our websites.

You have the right to see a copy of all the information we hold on you, as well as to ask that we correct any incorrect information we hold. The process of seeing what information we hold on you is called a ‘Subject Access Request’ and you can submit one in writing using the details on the contact page of this website.

You have the right to object to us processing your information at any time. If you wish to do so you should let us know using the information on the contact page of this website. Please bear in mind that such an objection may affect our ability to carry out tasks which may be of benefit to you.

The Peter Marcus Company collects and processes personal information on its own behalf and on behalf fo The Peter Marcus Foundation and The Office of Peter Marcus. Peter Marcus collects and processes personal information only on his own behalf.

Subject Access Requests may be made using the details found on the contact page of this website or by emailing our data team on We will comply with SARs within the legal timescale. The Peter Marcus Company will receive SARs on behalf of Peter Marcus and forward them for fulfilment.

Peter Marcus

© Peter Marcus / The Office of Peter Marcus / The Peter Marcus Company / The Peter Marcus Foundation
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