Peter Marcus
January 27, 2019
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Torn From Home

This morning, I left my home. I left it safe in the knowledge that it would be there for me to come back to. I left it safe it the knowledge that the people I left would be there to welcome me back later. I left it safe in the knowledge that doing so was completely my decision. I left it to commemorate and remember people who left their homes under very different circumstances. It is on this day, 27 January, each year that we join together for Holocaust Memorial Day. It is a time for us to come together and say that we will not let the monstrosities of the past be repeated. This year we joined together to remember those who were torn from home through holocaust and genocide. Genocides in Nazi Germany and Armenia, Bosnia and China, Australia and Soviet Ukraine, have shown the worst of humanity. They have shown the depravity of the human race. They have shown that people have it in them to tear apart families and communities; to tear people from their homes. Holocaust Memorial Day is a time for communities to come together and say never again. Never again to an ideology that victimises people who are different. Never again to the systematic degradation and dehumanisation of entire communities based on race or religion. Never again to letting hateful language create a environment on intolerance. Today we renew our commitment to remembrance and say that no matter what challenges face us and how divided our nations appear we will not stand for this happening again. Never again.

Peter Marcus

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